REDISTRICTING:  Time to end gerrymandering
When we started It's Time to Fix Stupid, we thought long and hard about how we were going to select our targets.

No, we didn't. The idea of "Stupid Tuesday" popped into our heads almost immediately.

The process is simple. It's very much like the real election process--except you won't have Kris Kobach running around trying to keep you from voting.

Of course, rules are made to be... completely ignored by stupid people, making it that much harder for us to do our jobs:
The person nominated must be: a) A current member of the Colorado General Assembly; b) A former member of the Colorado General Assembly trying to win back his/her former seat; or c) A first-time candidate running for the Colorado General Assembly who has already distinguished themselves by embarrassing the state;

When balloting starts, voters will choose one candidate. The top two vote-getters will be our targets in the 2018 election cycle. Other nominees will be prioritized in the order of votes received as resources become available.
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