There's more to us than stupid candidates.
Most national Political Action Committee is composed of two parts--the PAC and a 501(c)4 educational non-profit foundation. 

As a membership organization, we add a third component.

Our goal is to become a Federal SuperPAC. To do that, we have to break our normal practice of working against candidates at the state level and work for them at the national level. In order to achieve and maintain that status, we are required to spend a minimum of $1000 and participate in a minimum of 20 federal races each calendar year. 

This effort is called the ITtFS Futures Fund

Here's a breakdown of the various aspects of It's Time to Fix Stupid:

It's Time to Fix Stupid

Membership activities
Voter education

ITtFS Foundation

Voter registration

Support for Federal candidates

Young women are disappearing... at the polls.
We need to fix this.
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