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 Fake. Fake. Fake. Fake.
Doesn't Senator Ray Scott remind you of The Simpsons' Nelson Muntz?
Separated at birth?
For one thing, they both like to play the bully. 

In a move akin to something you'd see Nelson do, he tried to tax bicycles

Then, there was his kerfluffle with the Grand Junction Sentinel.

Ray, trying to prove he "was Trump before Trump was Trump", put out this graph:
But Publisher Jay Seaton wouldn't stand for it, threatening to sue Scott for slander.  He didn't, but it placed Scott under a national microscope--which is causing him to think about running for governor

That wasn't the only potential litigation.

The paper also called him on the carpet for deleting negative remarks on his Facebook page in violation of recent court rulings.

He also looked into sponsoring legislation that would have taxed bicycles, and raised taxes on electric cars.

If you like politicians who can out-Trump Donald Trump, Ray Scott may be your man. Or not.
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