The only way to make our voices truly heard is to work together.

We need each other to fix the stupid in our government.

Why join It's Time to Fix Stupid?

We only ask you once for money

We know there are a lot of demands for your time--and your money.


Unlike a lot of other political groups, we respect that you have candidates and other important causes you support.


That's why we only ask for $5 a month--and give you many options to pay.

Keeping your eye on the ball

There have been a lot of new "political organizations forming in the past few months.


The problem is that too many of these groups are focusing on Congressional races... and ignoring the fact that nearly 90 percent of all members of Congress came from state and local governments--and that in all but four states, Congressional district lines are drawn by state legislatures.


If we're going to fix stupid, we have to do it at the source..

Strength in our structure

Any time you can network with others, work together for a greater good--and these days, not feel alone or weird doing it--that's a good thing.


But there's one big difference: It's Time to Fix Stupid is a Political Action Committee, and like it or not, PACs are how things get done in Washington and our state capitols.


No matter how odious it may be to pour your heart out to an elected official--only to have them say afterward, "okay, who's got the money on your side?"--you can't change the rules unless you play by them.

Choose the payment option that's right for you:

PayPal (monthly only)


Paper application

If you wish to pay by check, please download and complete this form, and mail it with your check.
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